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If you’re interested in an opportunity in the cannabis industry or you’re an established business looking to connect with the fast-growing market in the Phoenix area, please give Eric a call. You’ll enjoy the conversation. Our cell #’s are in the footer at the bottom of each page. Thanks!


Check out who’s coming. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with these trail blazing entities. If you get a chance, check out their websites and begin learning about their innovative products and services. Build relationships, forge alliances by interacting with your peers, even before the show.

EXHIBITORS: Our list is growing! We have over 70 currently and are adding the logos below daily. If we’ve inadvertently missed any of you here by the show date, please text 903-920-4542 with your company name, your website URL and your logo and we’ll get it right up.

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We’re just getting started! But we’re already excited to announce that Ed Rosenthal and Patrick King are our keynote speakers for Phoenix. Check back to see additions in our lineup. Thanks!

Cannabis Guru,/Pioneer | Keynote Speaker

Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on marijuana. In almost 40 years as America’s “Guru of Ganjasm” he has written or edited more than two dozen books about marijuana cultivation and social policy that cumulatively have sold over two million copies. His first book is the only title on marijuana cultivation to be reviewed by the New York Time’s Book Review and his latest release, Marijuana Grower’s Handbook has become the definitive marijuana cultivation resource and official course book for Oaksterdam University, the leading trade school for the cannabis industry. After almost three decades, his Ask Ed column continues to answer questions on all matters of marijuana from readers around the world.



President & Co-Founder

Patrick King

35 years in the agricultural industry, from the pics and shovels to license cannabis companies. My business is touch every part of legal cannabis. Soils, Garden Centers, Soil King Approved Products, National Soils, OrganiKing Consulting, Genetics, Distribution, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail, Events, Remediation, Nursery, Cultivation, Marketing, Filming, Packaging and more.


CEO/COO Owner/Founde: Hempful Farms Phoenix | Zonka Bars

Chris Martin

History:  Chris began his edible line of chocolate bars in 2010 known as Zonka Bars. After being one of the first edible companies on the market, The Zonka Brand endured many challenges both legal and financial like many start up companies in Arizona at that time. But with perseverance, resolve and amazing patient loyalty, The Zonka Brand has survived the tests of time and has relaunched better than ever: OG Zonka Farms is back.  

Present Day:  In Jan 2020 Chris restarted his production of the original Zonka Bar – a 4oz Milk Chocolate bar (450mg) and a variety of  2oz bars (200mg).  The 2oz bar flavors are; Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Crunch, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Mint Cookies and Cream, White Chocolate with Pop Rocks. They also carry a 1 gm/ 40 mg Golden Nugget for single use dosing as well. 2021 they’re looking to reopen their cafe!

The Future:  In addition to the chocolate bars a variety of other items are available including a variety of Kief strains such as Grand Daddy Purple and Blue Dream.  Other edibles, rosin and RSO are also in the development stages. Also the goal is to bring back the baked line of edibles as well, truffles, brownies, cookies and rice krispee treats. 

Today Chris and his wife Andi are successful entrepreneurs’.   Chris continues to devote his life to helping end Cannabis Prohibition.  He is a founder of a nonprofit program assisting children in need of care as well as a re-entry program for inmates returning home from incarceration such as counseling, rehab and job placement.  Check out “One Life: The Chris Martin Story” the book, and their Documentary #hatersmakemefamous on Amazon Prime





Eric Norton
CEO Founder/Partner
David Campbell



14102 CR 1134
Tyler, TX 75709

(903) 200-1066

Monday – Saturday
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