Congratulations on being selected as a speaker at our event. The purpose of this is form is to give us the right content to promote you on ImperiousExpo.com/speak. Thanks for your help.

Note: This isn’t an “application”. You’ve already been selected as a speaker. We simply need your photo and contact info. 

1. Note: This form does not add you to our speak page. We do that manually. Some have been confused about this so they re-“submit” repeatedly after not seeing their bio on our page. We will add you to our page asap.

2. Your form info comes to us by email but your photo gets uploaded to a folder on our server so please name your photo My Name.jpg or we won’t know who you are.


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4. Don’t forget to fill out the 2nd field by providing us with your Title | Company name. Like, “Sales Representative | Gus Lumly”. We’re often getting just names. Also, provide as much info as possible. Thank you!



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IMPORTANT: Upload .jpg or .png files only.  Yes, you can and should use your iPhone or new smart phone but you’ll have to convert those amazing .HEIC files to .jpgs or they won’t upload. And name your file: Your Name.jpg.

Minimum file size – 500 X 500 pixels. That’s our final file size but please send the highest res’ file you have so we can crop/edit. Please – no blurry, downsampled facebook images :). Snap a new image if at all possible. Thanks!

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